500 miles and beyond


on Oct 17, 2015

If you want to experience nature from lap of  Himalayas and want listen the sound of silence , Visit Rishyap , a  sleepy, uncrowded hamlet nestling in the Neora valley forests at a height of 8500 ft having Panoramic  view of  Kanchenjunga range which includes Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Siniolchu,Pandim etc in full glory.IMG_20151002_160711752_HDR

Trek lovers can trek to Rishyap from lava through 4-5 KM trek route. Wild flowers , orchids sad small beautiful streams of water accompany you throughout the journey. This place is birdwatchers paradise. You have never noticed bird chirping in this decibel .


Trek to Tiffindara before sunrise to watch the first ray of light touching Mt Kanchenjunga is must to be experienced.


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