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Nathang Valley

on Sep 27, 2015

Situated at an altitude of 13,500 ft, Nathang Valley is popularly called the “ Ladakh of the East India”. Surrounded by snow capped hills and mountain landscape its one of the last villages on the old Indo-China  silk route and  the highest location to stay in the Indian part of the Old Silk Route.


The scenic beauty of the entire journey to reach Gnathang valey is extremely beautiful and one has to cross the Zig zag Road, a 95 bends road which is mans engineering marvel to reach Gnathang.

Sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga from Eagle’s Nest Bunker is beyond human description, should be ranked among the first ten Sunrises in India. Not to be missed at any cost, where you can get a 360 degree view of the whole range of Mt. Kanchenjunga, West Bhutan, plains of Bengal, China, Tibet and the beautiful River Brahmaputra meandering across in the horizon.  Another nearby sunrise point Lungthung village is just 20 mins away from Nathang Valley. While staying at Nathang you can cover Padamchen, Genmochen, Thambi View Point, Kupup Lake, Tukla Valley, Baba Mandir and all other spots in the Silk Route circuit in day trips.

Just take a mug of tea and sit on the open space overlooking the vast expanse in front will help you find yourself. Time stands still in this absolute heaven of peace.

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