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on Nov 20, 2015

A small town in Chotonagpur plateau in Jharkhand District , the famous Anglo Indian colonial village of British India – McCluskieganj also called “Chota England” in the past  will be an ideal place to spend a weekend . A lonely place  once  home to 400 Anglo-Indian families ,now handful of them left .


We shall visit places like-

DULLI : a particular establishment  where A Mosque , A Temple (RADHA AND KRISHNA), A Gurudwara  and  A Church  are situated in one place,

Nakta Pahar : Nakta hill , a hill with a top which resembles with human head and the tip of it just like sharp nose of an Aryan . The top will make you remember the famous skull mountain of Phantom comic series .

mcgnj-10 mcgnj-14

Damodar river bed near Degadegi at Mccluskiegunj : The confluence of Chotti Nadi a wonderful brook  not very far . The river bed isvast . If reached there at the time of sunset it will be magical . Sun going down on west  creating magical coloured outlines on the horizon . The road vanishing into the woods leaving the bridge .You will stand speechless in shivering cold witnessing magic of the greatest magician . Whatever captured in our lenses was very less than what witnessed .The source of the river was not very far but inside dense forest of Palamou range. Tribal people performs rituals on special occasion’s. Hope to join them someday. Chotti nadi a small brook is also require a visit

Jagriti Vihara: An organization  motivates people to create awareness among the villagers so that they can play an active role in changing the social order.   Set amidst quiet surroundings of greenery clad trees and plants providing delight to the eyes and solace to mind and soul. Nearby a seasonal river Chatti adds to the natural charm and grandeur of this scenic place.


With beautiful hilly region within the Chota Nagpur Plateau with a beautiful natural landscape dotted with hills, rivers, jungles and villages and lonely  bungalows it is a ultimate leisure destination  . live in  lonely bungalow on hill amidst of thick forest , eat food cooked in natural fire in fool moon night accompanied by spine chilling cold.The experience would be  out of the world .


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