500 miles and beyond


on Oct 17, 2015

If you want to escape from every days hustle at busy city life and spend an weekend amidst of nature just sitting on a cozy seat of your balcony , in front of you vast valley full of wonderful flowers , small village , twisting road vanishing to the woods , people walking slowly as if they have no where to go , speaking as if no one to listen and suddenly you will realize that you have never heard birds chirping so loud ,almost like a orchestrated symphony , Kolakham is surely the place to be.


Located in the Neora valey National park circuit Kolakham is a lovely village with  picturesque landscape views of valleys of eastern Himalayas.  You can also explore the forests surrounding Kolakham and trek  savor the view of a splendid Change waterfall.

Also you can take a trip to Neora Valley National park very near to Kolakham with hundreds of different plantation and birds. Enjoy the darkness of the Forrest full of huge trees covered with vines  even in broad daylight.


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