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Dol / Holi – Day trips to Historical Vaisnabh temples near Kolkata

on Feb 28, 2016

This year we shall celebrate Dol / Holi visiting three mythical Vaishnabh temples near Kolkata whose history are dated approx 400 years back in the SRICHAITANYAYUG . Those three are –
1)Rishrah- Radha Ballav temple ,
2) Khardah- Shyamsundar Mandir and
3) Saiban- Nanda Dulal Mandir .
We shall also try to get a glimps of holi celebration of European community in our very own Kolkata .
Dates for Journey are 19 ,20,22,23,26 and 27 th March . Itineraries are as followed .
7.30 Am : Collecting all the members from nearby meeting points and report to base location . Heading towards European community celebration spot .
8.30 Am :  Have famous Bagbazar snacks and sweets on breakfast .Start journey towards Rishrah Ballavji Mandir .
10.00 AM : Reaching Rishrah . Having Rishrah Famous Felu Modaks Singarah and Sweets . Visiting Ballab Ji Temple .
10. 30 Am: Taking boat ride to Khardah .
11.30 Am:  Visiting Shyamsundar Temple , Dol Mancha , Ras Mancha, Jhulan Mancha and Shyamsundar Ghat . Visiting 26 Shiva temples preserved by Archeological survey of india .
12.30 PM : Having famous veg prasad lunch at Shyam Sundar Mandir or at Khardah Harisabha , with approx 15 to 16 different exquisite veg item present at the gourmet .
1.30 PM : Heading towards Saiban . Visit Nandadulan temple. Witness Dol celebration .
4 : 00 PM : Heading back to Kolkata . If we get enough time we can visit to famous temples of north Kolkata , The Nava Vrindavana and Madan Mohan Tala temples .

There are several myths related to these three temples . According to popular myth the idols of these three temples are made from single Kasthi Pathar (a special type of black marbel ). VEERVADRA, son of Shree Nityananda brought back the stone from Gaur(Maldah) and established three temples where the three idols were placed .Those were –

1.VALLAVJI -The Mohiniroop of Sri Krishna
2. SHYAMSUNDER – In Sundar roop of Sri Krishna
3.NAND DULAAL – IN Vatsalya roop of Sri Krishna.
These three temple are heritage temples and for lakhs of pilgrims it has great religious value , also it has great historic importance as Mahaprabhu Srichaitanya and Sri nityananda lived here as there Leelakshetra. They have Dol Mancha , Ras Mancha, Jhulan Mancha all in the huge temple complex .
According to Vaishnab tradition six main festivals are celebrated including:
1. Jhulan Jatra,
2. Janmastami
3. Nandotsob
4. Radhastami
5. Rasjatra
6. Dol
In Vaisnabh believe its a sacred ritual to visit these three temples on auspicious festivals.Our plan is to take a day trip to all three temples on a single day .

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