500 miles and beyond


on Aug 27, 2015

Crossing the cascading kuekhola waterfalls and padamchen you will reach  Zuluk, small beautiful village of north Sikkim of around 700 people.Just a handful of homestays, a local temple and and a picturesque village surrounded by high hills all around. Home stays  facing the mighty mountains, crisp air and the warm hospitality of local hosts and the food will make you forget the other shortcoming of luxury.
Zuluk famous for the zig zag road, the Old Silk Road is the best sight ever.visit there in early morning to get a full view of zigzag road from the top.Captured in our lenses the wonderful scenery, Explore the nooks of the village on foot. The nearest travel destination is Thambi viewpoint from where you can get exotic experience of first rays falling on the peaks of Kanchandzonga.

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