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Short Trip to Gadiara

on Jul 26, 2016

If your heart is craving for a short vacation, but you cannot find anywhere else to go, a trip to Gadiara for a day or two will completely rejuvenate you. Of course best to visit in Winter, mansoon has its own magic at the clam and serene village of Gadiara. The WBTDC’s Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge is Best place to stay at. It is a very well maintained property with very cheap accomodation and finger-licking good food with complimentary breakfast but lacks sincere hospitality from the staffs. The road is excellent via NH6 and via Bagnan. But if you want to visit Garchumuk on the way you have to take left after Uluberia and head through Odisha Trunk Road. The Ruins of Fort Mornington can only be visualized in the Morning hours during low tide. in Winter, the ‘khejur ros’ is really relaxing. Take a boat ride to Geokhali or Nurpur in the dusk to see the beautiful sunset. In full moon night, the River from the viewpoint in the garden of the lodge is a mystic one. Don’t miss that.

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on Jul 26, 2016 By - Sayantan Datta

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