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Only canopy bridge in Bengal into the fog.

on Sep 05, 2015


Adventure lovers and nature lovers should visit once in the northern part of Bengal where the mystery is yet to be untold.


Over night journey by train from any parts of our country and get down to NJP .  NJP is the only gateway to SIKKIM and North Bengal.

4 hours drive from Njp  to luleygaon which is just a foggy vill. which all tourist can enjoy from 8 to 80 years old. 2 night stay at luleygaon is must in the midst of nature. Visiters visit this place for canopy bridge  trail, which is just 20 min walk from center.

The main attraction is during dawn and dust time from sun rise and sun set point which most travellers are unware of. It is  1 hour walk from center through the main hilly roads and some min. walk through the lonely forest.

keep travelling and exploring new roads and know a bit of untold planet.

Canopy bridge
Canopy bridge
on Sep 05, 2015 By - Pijush Datta

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