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Matheran – weekend trip from Bombay/Pune

on Sep 13, 2015

Do you:

1. Stay in Bombay/Pune?

2. Weekend is near and you don’t want to spend it in front of tv, guzzling beer and munching pizza?

3. Like jungle trails?

Matheran is the just the right place for you. 90 km from Mumbai, 120 km from Pune, easily accessible by train and car, this tiny hill station is located around 2700 feet above sea level, in the lap of Western Ghats. This tiny hill station was founded by the Britishers who stayed in Mumbai, to escape the city heat.

Matheran2 (1)

Matheran has numerous jungle trails leading panoramic view points. From these points, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the western ghats, waterfalls while sipping tea. Among the most beautiful are the Lion point, which has a rick shaped exactly like a sitting lion. The hill-station is most beautiful during the rainy season, when greenery covers the entire town.


There are many lodges, hotels, guest houses and old Parsi bungalows for rent. Prices start from Rs. 300/night.


1. Take a car from Pune/Mumbai. You’ll have to leave the car at entrance of Matheran, which is a motor-free city due to ecological reasons.

2. Take a local train to Neral. from there, shared taxis are available till entrance of Matheran.

3. Take the legendary Matheran Hill Railway (toy train) from Neral right up to the hill. However, the frequency drops during June-September, due to heavy rains.


Be careful of the aggressive monkeys. they will snatch your food, umbrella, camera etc if unguarded.


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on Sep 13, 2015 By - Satrajit Choudhury

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