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Jorabagan Thana and Boro Siv mandir – A glance at North Kolkata

on Nov 25, 2015

While Ankan was planing for a Photo walk before his upcoming documentary on Banaras , I suggested why not a photo walk on religious culture of North kolkata . Like Banaras , kolkata also situated on the bank of holy river Ganges and  also having a river based religious lineage through years with its chain of temples , different Ghats for different rituals and huge ancient mansions of native landlords called Zameendars with mixed architecture .

As per plan we started our first recce on Jorabagan , a locality near Sovabazar one of the oldest area of city kolkata. Our plan was to visit an equally old temple of lord Shiva called Boro Siv Mandir (big Shiva temple) . The temple is named after its huge Idol (Shivling) approx 6-8 feet . But we didn’t knew  reaching there we shall discover many other important locations which are  equally interesting.


thana 4 Thana 2 Thana 1

We passed through numerous old mansions . One of them which attracted us is the Old Jorabagan Thana.  A ruin of a huge mansion with big big pillars and spiral stairs and portico . With huge banyan trees clinging on to the house made it look like a perfect haunted house .

baribari 2Boro shiv 1

Moving forward after a prolonged search we finally found our destination in a narrow by lane . Who would have thought of this big temple in here . The idol was huge but what intrigued me more is the interior of the temple with lots of picture of hindu god and goddesses it was having a 2 storied dome with architecture which made me feel it must be at least 150 years old .

Boro shiv 2 Boro shiv 3 Boro shiv 4 Boro shiv 5

Returning back we took a brief walk in Nimtala street towards Neemtala Maha Smasan (crematory) and took some more pictures of the locality and other mansions . It felt we have found new subject of another documentary .

Kali Rail Nimtala2 Nimtala1

on Nov 25, 2015 By - Debadip Majumdar

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