500 miles and beyond

Earlier I always wanted to travel….

on Sep 15, 2015

Earlier I always wanted to travel, travel beyond my limits, beyond boundaries. But something has stopped me from it. It is called growing up.


The daily pressure in office and home has restricted me to see clouds, forget travelling. Life was going like this, one day one of my colleague told me about 500miles&beyond.

When I went through the site I found out new ways of travelling. Travelling in the weekend, it suited my budget. And all I wanted to do is to travel far and beyond in my life. So I took risk and went for a journey of lifetime with 500miles&beyond. Starting from booking the hotel, to serving us with towel in hand, once reached. It’s a worth every penny experience. The food quality was amazing. Once the entire travelling started. The guide was always there to guide, giving us information about place and object that we have visited. Now I can surely say travelling with 500miles&beyond is one of the best experience I have.

on Sep 15, 2015 By - Ranajit Chatterjee

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