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Conquer the Sinhagadh Fort near Pune, Maharashtra

on Sep 13, 2015

If you stay in Pune, and yearn for a daytrip, Sinhagadh is a good option to consider.


Sinhagadh means Lion’s Fort (Sinha + Garh) in marathi. This fort was strategically located in Bhuleshwar range of Sahyadri mountains. From the fort, one can get breathtaking views of Pune city and general topography of Maharashtra.

This fort is witness of many attacks over last 700 years, mainly the Adilshahi kingdom, Mughal empire, British empire. Everytime, the Marathas were able to conquer the fort back from the invaders, until 1818 when Britsh empire finally took it over. The Sinha in the name – is said to be Tanaji Malusare, a fierce Koli general in Shivaji’s army.

The fort can be reached by car, or the more adventurous can climb up the cliff (full on trekking for 2 hours). On top, you can see ruins of the fort and a memorial of Tanaji Malsure. There are some viewing points too and a shiva temple.

After walking up and down the fort’s ruins you will be thirsty and hungry. But options are plenty – you can eat local maharashtrian cuisine in the tents put up by villagers, or have nimbu/cucumber and other fruits from the vendors.


Copyright Sushil Shinde
Copyright Sushil Shinde


on Sep 13, 2015 By - Satrajit Choudhury

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