500 miles and beyond

Blue stream of water is passing by…

on Sep 15, 2015

Currently working with the one of the largest IT firms in India. I just have 2 phases in my life. One is going to office and another is coming back from office. Every day whenever I open my desktop, I notice the wallpaper that I have in my desktop. Wallpaper is about a huge mountains and in the lower right section, blue stream of water is passing by. The wallpaper amazes me. I always wanted to travel to theses land.


One night I came across a website called 500miles&beyond. The website had similar pictures as I have in my desktop. So I called. I asked about the picture is it really possible. That Dargeeling has this kind of view. The people from 500miles&beyond told me it is a actual shot, without even hesitation I told him to book a ticket for me.

The next month when I went there I actually saw that view. I couldn’t even believe at that point of time. I just told to myself. Am I seeing through the desktop, but in no time I realised it is all real.

on Sep 15, 2015 By - Ranajit Chatterjee

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