500 miles and beyond


We will transform your weekend into a lifetime experience ...

Our Vision

We all are busy with our mundane city life & its getting harder to grab some quality time with friends & family or just by yourself.

500 miles and beyond will give you the opportunity to create the memories of your life; to relax,enjoy and a chance to recharge yourself so when you get back to your work after a wonderful weekend you give your best productivity at work.

A short trip with us will become your emotional asset for lifetime with carefully chosen itineraries, superior accommodations, food and entertainment packages which fits best in your budget. As we are primarily based in and around West Bengal with our prime focus being eastern India preliminarily. From the magnificent highest peak Sandakfu to enchanting Sundarbans, West Bengal stretches around 500 miles. We shall explore with our fellow travellers every suitable spots around this 500 mile and entire
eastern India with a desire to expand beyond the boundaries.

In every tour, one of our expert tour planners will be accompanying the team who themselves are spirited travelers with valuable experience, knowledge and the all-important quality of a sense of responsibility. We are prepared to give cordial attention to clients on the road, anticipate the need of travellers and act accordingly on run time. You can expect our service to be exceptional, not simply

our team


co founder

A voracious reader, one of the founder members of 500 miles and beyond. Born and raised in north Kolkata. He believes, peace and serenity is something which is more than our mundane life. Nature has the answers to reveal secrets that can take you to miles and beyond. Rony currently working in one of largest IT companies in the world. A fellow traveller to another, a guide is required at every step. A small baby step to a walk along the edges of nature. He believes that he will help his fellow travellers to take the first step towards the ethereal paradise, precisely known as Nature.


co founder

A shutterbug & another founder member of 500 miles and beyond, who will do anything to take a perfect shot, currently working with one of the renowned firms in Kolkata. He says “A smile never fails to touch hearts”… that is what his moto in life. If you are talking to another person with a smile, the person is bound to get convinced. Nature is as tough as the mountain and as fragile as dew drops in the palm of your hand. A walk amidst the divine beauty of nature will leave you in the company of a smile on your face.


creative content writer

An advertising enthusiast believes nature is meant for you and me. Like Rony & Buti, he also believes, the journey begins where the road ends. If there is someone holding a torch, the first time, to guide someone towards nature then nothing is more favorable. And with that he deeply believes that 500 miles & beyond will be a success story which will bound you to take an enroute to nature.

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