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5 places where you must eat/drink when in Darjeeling

on Sep 21, 2015

Darjeeling, the place of eternal nostalgia. Being one of the oldest hill stations, it has e distinct remnant of colonial culture. Though Darjeeling tea has its timeless charm all over the world there are places in Darj where any foodie will enjoy to the fullest.

1. Glenary’s

Glenary’s confectionery & cafe is a class in itself. You will find probably the best rum balls ever you had. Apart from the bakery there is a fine dining restaurant on the level two of the same building. They serve really good continental cuisine there. This place has a old world charm with photographs and old British telephone booth there.

Must try: Darjeeling tea kettle, rum ball or any other pastries (confectionery), Roasted chicken/ beef steak ( dining).



2. Keventer’s

Very famous rooftop scenic restaurants with probably best breakfast menu to offer in town. This place has been framed in number of movies and its really pleasant to sit and relax on a nice day.

Must try: Pork platter, coffee



3. The park

Very good restaurant with authentic Thai cuisine to offer apart from other options.

must try: sweet basil chicken, tom-yum soup


4. Bonny’s snacks bar

You will get range of wonderful sandwiches here. The Chinese foods are also very nice here. Although this place is not so touristy, it is very popular option for the local crowd.

must try: spicy tuna sandwich


5. Joey’s pub

All Anjan Dutta fans surely know this place. Its a cozy place to booze out your lazy evening.

must try: any liquor of your choice



on Sep 21, 2015 By - Shounak Baksi

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