We dream… of India travelling…

To the fabulous plans we make…

We want them to take a break ..

From boring life, demanding wife,

The Nagging Husbands, Mobiles and broadbands..

To the Mystic Mountains and their Tireless Fountains,

Deep Blue Seas and forest breeze,

Backwaters, Great Lakes and all that we fond…

We want them to travel 500 miles and beyond




Team 500 miles and beyond


Where the road ends your journey begins.The sky is calling you, see your reflection in the clear stream of water.Welcome to 500 Miles & Beyond, your one stop solution for weekend tours. We are here to help you to sneak out few days from today’s busy monotonous life amidst of nature to seek peace and tranquility and get back to life again with full energy.Don’t look at the wallpaper of your desktop any more, plan your weekend gate away with us

We deliver superior accommodations, lodgings, food and entertainment opportunities which fits your budget.Just pack your bags and we will take care of your every need.

why choose us

  • Best Location
  • Best Hotel
  • Good Service
  • Reasonable Price

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